GIROTONDO  May 2016: residency - UNIDEE   

May 2016: residency / workshop Girotondo - UNIDEE

Mentor Cesare Pietroiusti, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)

The geometrical figure of the circle has often provided a metaphorical expression for complex concepts, either philosophical, or historical, or religious, etc.

The time, an argument, a group of people, or music can normally proceed accordingly to a linear order, but they can also be imagined to have a circular motion.

In opposition to any historicist or evolutionist determinism, to the typical timeline of a CV, or to the statistical graphs of economic growth, the metaphor of the circle proposes an ecological and holistic vision where causes and effects, growth and de-growth are intertwined in a general balance, where one can make experience of the unexpected return of things, of sudden jumps and of supra-temporal connections between faraway events.

The idea of moving in a circle around something (either a problem, a place, or a concept) is commonly associated to a condition of fruitlessness but, in the development of a workshop, especially in an artistic context, the metaphor can help to frame and give meaning not only to a condition where work is shared in a non-hierarchical way, but also to an approach that does not face a problem only to find a solution, but rather look at it from different points of view, to find its abnormalities, its nuances, its ambiguities. The 360-degree approach can, in fact, be free from the constrictions of the right-or-wrong judgement and can instead linger on whatever characteristic of a given situation, and therefore be able to unveil, and use, its different cognitive, expressive, and critical potentialities.

The workshop will try to develop the following experiment: how is it possible to enter into and to observe an unknown and abandoned space without automatically thinking of a specific function and destination for it? How is it possible to read (or to listen to) a certain text without immediately trying to catch its meaning? Therefore, the workshop will propose practical session (singular and plural) that will include an extensive exploration of a specific abandoned site in the Biella area, as well as alternative ways of reading collectively a certain text. The discussion that will follow such sessions will try to ?move around? the concept themselves of judging, projecting, understanding. And it will try to do so by using methods of exchange of ideas based on circularity.

A working session will be dedicated to meet and discuss with Aldo Spinelli, an artist who operates, with both humour and rigours, between visual art, mathematics, game theory and geometry.